In The Pink Gorge

A year ago we walked through a beautiful gorge situated behind Orgiva in the Sierra Lujar opposite Las Alpujarras. Breath taking views of the Sierra Nevada, magnificent cliffs, hillsides with caves, slopes with lovely flowers. We even saw a small group of 3 ibex just at the beginning of our walk.


We also paid attention to the numerous oleanders growing wild in the gorge. So, could you imagine how beautiful it would look when they are all in blossom?

We could, that is why we decided to come back next year to have a look at the blossoming oleanders.

So this year we were back just at the right time. Oleanders were everywhere, just everywhere, all in a pink blossom. You could see row upon row on either side of the track, big and small groves here and there and occasional pink spots of just 1-3 oleanders.

They were different in sizes from small neat bushes to big tree-like ones, and they looked very attractive with their stiff stems clothed with lance shaped deep green leaves and amazing pink flowers.

The time that we spent there was really enjoyable.








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