Golden Splashes in Your Garden

Would you like to add a splash of bright yellow colour to your garden? Plant a broom then!Broom



Broom is an evergreen shrub

native to temperate Europe, Atlas Mountains of Morocco, some parts of North America and some islands of the Atlantic.
Broom grows to the height of 50 – 250 cm and has numerous bright green, long, slender, straight branches which are tough very flexible, smooth and prominently angled with very small green leaves. This type of branches and leaves is an adaptation to dry growing conditions.

The “pea” flowers

are bright yellow and fragrant. In late spring and early summer the burst of yellow bloom is amazing! It follows by the flattened pods which burst when the seeds are ripe.

Broom easily can be grown

in a rough, sandy soil, in a sunny, well-drained position. A dry bank is an excellent
spot for a broom. Its flowers are better if the soil is not good and wet. Broom needs little care, really!
Broom is a unthirsty plant which can survive on natural rainfall.

Prune broom

if the shrub becomes too tall and thin. Prune as soon as flowering is over. Remove about two – thirds of the previous year’s growth but never cut into the old wood of a broom.
You can propagate broom by seeds or semi-hardwood cuttings. When the seed pods dry (naturally on the bush) they start to twist open and drop the seeds. This is the best time to pick the seeds up. You can plant them straight away, sown broadcast in the open air, though it may not germinate till after the winter.

Special features:

1) Easy growing;

2) Hardy;

3) Unthirsty.

PS. All the pictures were taken in our garden.



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