Narcissus – Daffodil

Narcissus, commonly called daffodil, is one of the first blossoming flowers in spring.Narcissi bring me so much enjoyment to look at them. Their showy ornamental flowers and narrow strap-like green leaves appearing in groups of three or more with each bloom are very attractive.

  Narcissus (Caravaggio)

 Narcissus (Caravaggio, painted circa 1594-96)In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome young hunter who saw his reflection in water and fell in love with it. He wasn’t able to leave the beauty of his reflection and died of this passion. And even when crossing the Styx (a river – boundary between Earth and the Underworld), Narcissus kept looking at his own reflection.

 Narcissi in the Wild

Narcissus in mountains of southern SpainNarcissus is native of Europe, Africa and Asia. The photography of this little flower was taken in April of this year in Sierra Lujar, southern Spain.

Narcissi in my garden

February Gold


February Gold




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