Pink mist in winter

Blossoming almond trees, dressed in delicate petals like in a pink mist, stand over slopes.


Those pink clouds woven from thousands and thousands of petals, scatter sweet honey aroma that overwhelms you with happiness.


And above you – a clear blue sky and you are standing on a carpet of  young grass…

Unusually warm days (+ 21 and above) of winter deceptively resemble summer, and the first almond buds appear in January. However, the heat of the midday sun can turn into night frost and delicate petals “burn from the cold” as the local farmers say.????????????????????????


2 responses to “Pink mist in winter

  1. Andalusia is beautiful. I took a semester and went to school in Sevilla and loved it. I traveled around quite a bit and fell in love with the country. I hope to be able to return to Spain one day.

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